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Journey to Glen Elgin & Mannochmore - Justerini & Brooks

23 May 2024

Ethan Youel

The next stage of our whisky journey takes us to the former Royal Burgh and capital of Moray, Elgin. Despite being a relative heavyweight in the distillery world, Elgin seems to get slightly less credit for its impressive amount of distilleries than little brother Dufftown. If you put distilleries to one side and consider the other great institutions of this once great Royal Burgh, you have Johnstons of Elgin producing fine wool since 1797 and the mighty Auld Mill Alpaca farm boasting over 80 Alpacas.

Glen Elgin Distillery worm tubs
Glen Elgin Distillery

“For generations, the majority of the whisky produced at Glen Elgin has gone into the world's most famous blended Scotch.”

Ethan Youel

Whisky Advocate

Glen Elgin 18 Year Old: A Rare Discovery

This 18 year old Special Release from 2017 gives us a rare glimpse into the experimental nature of Glen Elgin. Distilled using a yeast more commonly found in the production of millet beer, this head turning malt won’t be repeated and offers an unparalleled experience for any collector.

Bottle shot of Glen Elgin 18 year old

Mannochmore 31 Year Old: A Historical Blend

Another integral part of some of the world’s most beloved blends is Mannochmore, named after the Mannoch Hill, along the northern slope of which runs the famous Glenlivet district. It was built as a partner to the Victorian distillery, Glenlossie, with which it shares a location, similarly aromatic house style, and often workforce. It is rare and seldom seen as a single malt, so we’re fortunate to have access to a very special Mannochmore sourced from a single small experimental batch exposed to a highly unusual maturation. This dark and intriguing 31 year old 1990 was first housed in refill casks, then in unusual, highly active virgin European Oak for almost three decades has revealed a whole new character. A true moment in history that will add fascination to any liquid library.

bottle shot of Mannochmore