The UK and Champagne have long had a love affair…

The world’s first sparkling wine was said to have been created in the region back in the 17th century. Today, historically celebrated Champagne producers are met with emerging boutique houses and individual growers. With an abundance of new talent, Champagne is in its golden age.

The UK and Champagne have long had a love affair…

Overall UK Champagne sales are still dominated by the ubiquitous Grand Marques but our own customers are displaying a step change in their approach to the world’s original sparkling wine. For collectors and drinkers alike, Champagne is throwing off the shackles of the big, predictable brands and rekindling some emotion of days gone by.

In the grower camp, top names like Pascal Doquet, Egly Ourriet and Ulysse Collin are proving that through careful viticulture and precise, low intervention wine making, it's possible to create balanced wines that are faithful to their origins yet strikingly individual. Last but not least, our own label Champagnes Sarcey and 250th Anniversary, continue to provide some of the best value bubbles in town, each with an army of devoted drinkers up and down the country.

For all the talk of falling Champagne sales in supermarkets, our own feeling is that Champagne as a fine wine is in the middle of a golden age. Long may it continue…

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Champagne Producers

Historically dominated by the success of the Grand Marques, grower champagne is becoming increasing important in the region. Growers like Pascal Docquet, Egly Ourriet and Diebolt Vallois are all flying the flag for boutique houses and speak volumes for individuality and the market continues to prosper as a consequence.

Appellations of Champagne

The Champagne AOC covers sparkling wines made within the designated limits of Champagne. It is the only appellation in the region (the only exception being Coteaux Champenois AOC, which covers the area’s still wine production). Traditionally, blends were the key to Champagne, which explains the single AOC (cf. Burgundy for instance).

Grape Varieties of Champagne

The most famous Champagne trio - Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier - are well established. Chardonnay lends freshness and aroma to the wines, Pinot Noir finesse and complexity and Meunier provides fleshy fruit and backbone. Beyond that there are a further four permitted, though seldom seen, varieties: Arbane, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris.