Mastery is taking complexity and making it beautifully simple

A Celebration of the Legacy of Master Blender Jim Beveridge

Few master blenders can be said to have walked where Jim Beveridge has walked. A legacy built and blended across more than forty years, Johnnie Walker Master's Cut embodies a life's work in a unique blend Of just two whiskies. Perfectly balanced, deceptively simple — the ultimate expression of a master blender.

“It takes understanding, knowledge and experience to be a Master Blender. The confidence to walk where no one else has before.”

Jim Beveridge

Master Blender

A Master Amongst Masters
The world of whisky knows few master blenders the likes of Jim Beveridge. Belied by his steadfast modesty, Jim's illustrious career has seen him create some of the world's most acclaimed whiskies. Renowned for his unwavering dedication to his craft, Jim's forty years of whisky-making have seen him serve as both true guardian and restless pioneer for Johnnie Walker. His legacy expression - landing at the one-year anniversary of his retirement - distils forty years of understanding, knowledge and experience into a legacy blend of just two whiskies.
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“The Johnnie Walker Master's Cut blend is a culmination of my time as a master blender - a blend that captures the essence of mastery. Bold, confident, effortless and elegant.”

Jim Beveridge

Master Blender

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The Perfection of Blending Just Two Whiskies

Jim blended just two whiskies - the lighter Single Grain Whisky from one of the oldest distilleries used to blend Johnnie Walker, Camronbridge, married to the full flavoured Single Malt Whisky from one of the youngest distilleries in Scotland, Roseisle, to create a spectacularly rich, smooth Scotch Whisky that embodies the craft of blending.

This blend pays homage to the Johnnie Walker past and celebrates the brand's journey into the future.

The Tasting Experience

A radiant, pale gold whisky with a light to medium body. The nose reveals a delightful medley of fresh summer fruit complemented by a velvety vanilla sweetness. On the palate, luscious baked caramel and butterscotch notes are interwoven with crisp fruit, delicate elderflower and cherry blossom, all embraced by the seasoned oak, culminating in a soothing and gently sweet finale. The skill in bringing two voices together in perfect harmony is what makes this whisky so compelling – the floral orchard fruits of the grain complementing the richer single Malt tones beautifully.

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The Tasting Experience

Only 1,000 bottles will be available to purchase later in 2023, making it a rare collectible for fans of the iconic Scotch.

The 700ml bottle carries a 40% ABV and has a RRP of £1,000 per bottle.

Jim Beveridge

“This blend is about boldly moving forward, learning from our past. Bringing together whisky from our oldest and youngest distilleries. Perfectly balanced, deceptively simple. A culmination of many years as a master blender. Keep walking!”

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