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The Singleton 40-Year-Old

The Pinnacle of The Singleton Epicurean Odyssey Series

Inspired by the decadence of this rare single malt and its indulgent layers of flavour reminiscent of dark chocolate and rich plums, neuroscientist Katherine Templar Lewis explored a new concept, ‘Sensorial Maximalism’, where our sensorial consciousness can be heightened through the curation of our external environment.

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A Maximalist in Time, Craft and Flavour

Crafted to extract maximum flavour through a bold & extreme secondary maturation with a final, innovative finish in precious solera casks of Zacapa XO and Zacapa Royal rum. This is a luxuriously velvety Single Malt reminiscent of deep dark chocolate & rich, juicy plums. A maximalist in time, craft and flavour.

The Tasting Experience

Intensely rich, fruity and smooth, this decadent Singleton of Glen Ord has an indulgent nature to please all the senses and is a delight to savour at natural strength; with its silky smoothness leading into a deep, dark indulgence and a spicy finish, it delivers a richness of taste to equal any spirit.

Singleton tasting experience

“I am in a privileged position to be able to use the skills I’ve acquired over my more than forty years at Diageo and apply them to experiment with flavour; something The Singleton gives me the freedom to do.”

Maureen Robinson

The Singleton Malt Master

The Epicurean Odyssey Series

In The Epicurean Odyssey Series, our Malt Master Maureen Robinson, set out to push secondary maturation in experimental casks to the extremes, and then layer on further deliberate enhancements to create our most indulgent whiskies ever

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Sensorial Maximalism Brought to Life

First brought to life at an immersive gallery experience in Shanghai, featuring the works of three international artists named The Rooms of Maximalism, guests journeyed through rooms delivering precise stimulation for the five senses and beyond, to reach this heightened state of ‘Sensorial Maximalism’, before the very first tastings globally of The Singleton 40-Year-Old.