Mortlach, 25 Year Old, Speyside, Prima & Ultima, 2021 Release

Mortlach, 25 Year Old, Speyside, Prima & Ultima, 2021 Release




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Mortlach, 25 Year Old, Speyside, Prima & Ultima, 2021 Release, 1995


Justerini & Brooks Tasting note

Mortlach, 25 Year Old, Speyside, Prima & Ultima, 2021 Release, 1995

This is a rare opportunity to glimpse a nobler, deeper side to the whisky famous as The Beast of Dufftown. It comes from a single very special 1995 Pedro Ximénez/Oloroso seasoned European Oak butt. Not merely the last of its kind, it was always marked for greatness during its time maturing in Warehouse No. 3 at Mortlach distillery. Known as The Lone Wolf because it stood out from the pack as being exceptionally complex and richly individual in character. As Maureen and her team carefully watched over it, this cask has done a striking job of taming the meaty, robust muscularity of Mortlach, which can come to dominate older expressions. The result is deep in aroma and flavour, yet is even smoother and richer in texture. A remarkable dram that holds sweetness and spice in perfect balance, and gives away nothing to the years. At natural strength, the aromas are rich and complex, with a succession of fruity and fragrant notes. The texture is creamy-smooth. A very sweet, fruity and luscious start leads into a malt that is deliciously rich and full flavoured, letting these traits shine; the whole impression is proud, rounded and balanced. Lightly oaky and very lightly drying, it has well-controlled tannins. A drop of water evens it out, the sweetness still balanced by fruity acidity. It is, quite simply, delicious; a magnificent, many-layered mature malt with a character as individual as that of the uniquely complex distillery in which it was made.











Established in 1823 during an age of great achievement, Mortlach was the first legal distillery in Dufftown, the heart of Speyside. A 190 year secret amongst whisky epicureans across the globe, Mortlach has been nicknamed 'The Beast of Dufftown' by Dave Broom for its robust, muscular and rich character created from the very unique 2.81 distillation process - a magnificent feat unto itself. In its primitive years Mortlach distillery was like all others, that is until George Cowie joined in 1853. Previously an engineer during the Golden Age of Victorian Engineering, George applied his audacity, skill and determination to the distillery, taking it from strength to strength and growing its reputation across the world through a network of private customers.

Mortlach defies the typical honey, vanilla and apples notes of Speyside. Its whisky harks back to a time when Scotch was bigger, bolder, darker. The primal essence of Speyside that once was. A muscular malt, this is a Speyside dram unlike any other: a beast in the sense of power and complexity, with sweetness and dryness held in perfect balance to create an overall long lasting, viscous and complex sipping experience. This muscularity and intensity of flavour is at the heart of each of new expression – created by the distillation process and is the heart and soul of the distillery.

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