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Since the 1997 vintage we have seen a complete revival of Germany’s fortunes as a producer of world-class wine. Led by the aristocratic Riesling variety and a growing band of first class producers, the country finally seems to be enjoying the recognition it truly deserves. It is a fact that, British journalists, sommeliers and trade buyers are some of Riesling’s most loyal and persistent customers, clamouring for wine from the likes of JJ Prum, Fritz Haag, Donnhoff, Keller and Carl von Schubert. This most noble of wines is not only utterly delicious, but in today's modern, fast-moving world of over consumption, these delicate Rieslings are refreshing and light, 'weighing in' at anything between 7.5% to 12.5% alcohol. Historically the British have focussed their attentions on the great pradikat wines from Kabinett to TBA, all with a little residual sugar. Nowadays, the great dry wines with the Grosses Gewachs at the pinnacle are also finding favour and provide a similarly stimulating antidote to the more recent trend of overly full-bodied, alcoholic wines.

Germany 2021 En Primeur

Riesling’s Cutting Edge

After a succession of warmer vintages, 2021 serves as a welcome return to classicism; a year which has produced crisply etched, enlivening Rieslings with a fine mineral-soaked elegance. Animated and playful in the Estate and Feinherb categories, strict selections across Germany mean that the Prädikats and Grosses Gewächs in particular offer a great sense of structure and precision. For this, we thank high levels of buffering extract, which balances the vintage’s naturally fresh acidities beautifully, delivering wines of lacy, traditional contours and definite ageability.

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Germany 2020 En Primeur

Fluid Flair

Dorothee Zilliken summed it up best when she said that “the 2020 vintage is like opening the window in the morning during a long hot summer and breathing in the cool, fresh air”. Absolutely. But for us more perfunctory tasters, we relied on descriptors such as “irresistible”, “beautifully-weighted” and “charming” with almost tedious repetition in our 2020 tastings this year. Having now acquainted ourselves with the new releases from Germany’s greatest estates, we felt that the peaks of the vintage were found amongst the graceful Kabinetts, refined lacy Spätlesen, and superlative Trocken and Grosses Gewächs.

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