The firm that became Warre’s was established in 1670. Two Englishmen, William Burgoyne and John Jackson opened offices in northern Portugal as Burgoyne & Jackson - initially a general trading company, exporting wines, olive oil and fruit, as well as importing dried cod and English woollen goods. Over time, the company admitted new partners and its name changed accordingly; in 1718 it traded as John Clark, then in 1723 it was known as Clark & Thornton and finally in 1729, it became Messrs. Clark, Thornton & Warre, with the arrival of the first Warre in Portugal. This was William Warre, born in India (1706), where his parents and grandparents were long established members of the East India Company. By the close of the 18th century, Warre’s had become one of the leading companies. In 1791, 21 companies exported a little over 30,000 pipes of Port, of which Warre & Sons accounted for 2,937 pipes, i.e. 10% of the total. 2020 sees the 350th Anniversary of this pioneering British Port company, nowadays under the umbrella of the Symington Family Estates. In addition to Quinta da Cavadinha, Quinta do Retiro Antigo and the most recently acquired Quinta da Telhada, Warre’s top vineyards, held by the company itself, the Symingtons are individually significant owners of vineyards in the Douro Valley. Each member of the family has vineyards that he or she owns privately and manages. The grapes from these vineyards are supplied to Warre’s. This extent of private family vineyard ownership is unique to the Symingtons in the Port trade. Warre’s Vintage Ports are celebrated for their elegance, poise, and balance, combining high-toned floral aromas with understated power, pre-requisites for long, graceful aging.






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