An integral part of some of the world’s best-loved blends, Mannochmore whisky is perfumed and floral, like a fine white wine. Built next to its older sister distillery Glenlossie, Mannochmore is the only distillery to share a location – and sometimes a workforce – with another distillery. Curiously, despite their close relationship, the two whiskies are completely unique. Mannochmore is a relatively recent addition to the area and the collection. Built on the site of the Glenlossie distillery in 1971, it draws its water from the Bardon Burn – whose ancient beds and banks contributes to the whisky’s direct personality. Another relatively unknown Speyside, Mannochmore often adds its clean, dry and direct flavour to blends, and has come into its own in recent years
Colour Range:
Number of Whiskies:
1 whisky
Price Range:
£268.37 - £268.37