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Pereira d'Oliveira
Region: Madeira
Appellations: Madeira
Colour Range: White
Price Range: £135.00
Number of Madeiras: 1 madeira

Pereira d'Oliveira

Dating back to 1820, Pereira d'Oliveira is one of the great old Madeira houses. Owned by the same family since its inception it is one of the few houses to survive from the pre-phylloxera era, and with an almost unique selection of very old and rare stocks.

Over the years, the family have wisely and patiently put aside multiple barrels of their finest vintages, bottling in small batches, as and when demand requires it. This hugely extended barrel ageing, alongside grapes coming almost entirely from family owned vineyards on fine plots of land, and a little je ne sais quoi, are all part of the magical equation that gives rise to the thrillingly racy 'house' style of the d'Oliveira Madeiras.

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