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Ron Santiago de Cuba, Extra Añejo, 12 Años, NV


Colour: Other Spirits
Brand: Ron Santiago de Cuba
Region: Rum, Santiago de Cuba
Type: Sugar Cane Molasses

Ron Santiago de Cuba, Extra Añejo, 12 Años, NV

9 bottles
£35.00 per bottle

Tasting Note:

Ron Santiago de Cuba 12 Years Old is the fusion of tradition and modernity, resulting in an exclusive expression of Cuban rum. Dry, elegant yet smooth, with dark chocolate and dry fruit notes.

Nose: Deep intense aroma, notes of dark chocolate and dried fruit

Palate: This rum is drier on the palette, with notes of dried fruit and burnt sugar. The aged character is robust, the rum has evolved well in oak.

Finish: Dry notes, balanced with subtle heat.

Serve: Best enjoyed on its own or on the rocks

Discover Rum

Rum is made from sugarcane extract that is fermented, distilled, and then aged. This can be made using molasses, syrup or fresh cane juice. What makes rum so mysterious is how each one has a unique approach to each of these stages of production, and how vast it influences the rum.