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Can I store my wines with you? How much does this cost?

Whole unmixed cases can be stored with our subsidiary company, Cellarers Wines Ltd, in ideal storage conditions at Octavian Corsham. Wines purchased from other suppliers may be stored by us subject to payment of an initial handling charge, currently £5.12 a case inclusive of VAT. All reserves will be stored at our list prices (as amended from time to time) current at the time we invoice you for them . At present we charge £12.96 per 4.5L case and above or £8.50 per 4.5L case and below per annum, inclusive of VAT and full insurance. Please click here to see our full storage terms and conditions.

Where are the wines stored and are they fully insured whilst in storage?

Cellarers stores all its wines in a secure underground mine in Octavian, Corsham. This facility is generally considered to offer the ideal storage conditions for fine wine. All wines stored with Cellarers are insured to their full current market value.

What are the ideal conditions for storing wine?

If you intend to store wines for any length of time proper storage conditions are imperative. The most important factor to consider when storing a wine is a constant temperature, ideally between 10 - 15 degrees Celsius. Bottles should be stored on their sides to keep the cork in contact with the wine, preventing it from drying out. A dark space is best, as is an absence of vibration.

If buying en primeur, when do I start paying storage?

You only start paying storage once your wines arrive in the UK and are placed in your storage account. The length of time this take varies from campaign to campaign –Bordeaux En Primeurs are generally shipped two years after the initial release of the wines. Other regions can vary from several months to a year after their initial Primeur release.

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