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Jacques Frederic Mugnier




Nuits St Georges

Grape Variety:

Pinot Noir

Nuits St Georges, Clos de La Maréchale, 1er Cru, 2018

Tasting Note:

Dark, fleshy brambly fruit with bright notes of cherry and cherry stone. There is crunch and structure here, a solid mid-palate with good persistence of flavour. Mineral and stone notes complement the dark rich, spiced fruit. A nice balance of light and shade. The flavours are clear and the structure robust. At 9ha it is the largest monopole in the Côte d'Or. Based in the Premeaux Prissey commune, where the wines are naturally very structured, Clos de La Maréchale is built for ageing. Freddy Mugnier's skill has been in taming the naturally tannic character of the wines without suppressing any vineyard expression.

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