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Egon Müller
Region: Germany
Appellations: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer
Colour Range: White
Price Range: £2,400.00
Number of Wines: 1 wine

Egon Müller

The Scharzhofberger is certainly a German ‘Grand Cru’ and probably a fi rst growth at that. Its greatest manipulant is Egon Müller who resides in Scharzhof, the Manor House at the foot of the Scharzhofberg. Unquestionably, his wines are age-worthy, balanced and very moreish showing off their combination of smoke, slate and citrus flavours evenly interspersed with luscious droplets of honey. Egon also runs Le Gallais Estate comprising the fi rst class Braune Kupp vineyard north of Wiltingen. Egon’s wines are classically made, benchmark examples of Saar Riesling and are probably some of the world’s fi nest, long lived and aristocratic wines.