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Region: Port
Appellations: Douro
Colour Range: Red
Price Range: £555.00 - £555.00
Number of Ports: 2 ports


In 1855, Ostende Rozès, a Bordeaux wine merchant, set up the Rozès company and in 1910 the Rozès company moved to Vila Nova de Gaïa. True to their Bordeaux heritage, Rozes wines are elegant, complex, balanced, generous and rich. The Quinta de Monsul winery in the Douro presses, stores and matures the wine from the time the grapes are picked to bottling. The grapes are selected from the finest A&B rated Douro Valley vineyards. Thanks to the watchwords of quality and innovation, Rozès have built up a reputation for expressing the full intensity of the wines from one of the world's oldest appellation controlled wine regions. Harvest begins in September and lasts over three weeks, on average, culminating in October. Grapes are crushed to separate the berries from their stems and fermentation is swift and effective lasting 48 to 72 hours. The wines are then expertly blend and carefully aged in the the Quinta de Monsul winery.

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