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Les Clos Perdus
Region: Rest of France
Appellations: Corbieres, Cotes Catalanes
Colour Range: Red, White
Price Range: £120.00 - £145.00
Number of Wines: 2 wines

Les Clos Perdus

Les Clos Perdu is a estate that began in 2003 after Paul Old, the owner and winemaker moved to Corbières in search of interesting parcel of mature yet often neglected vines. There he found numerous pockets of isolated old vine material that he was able to purchase and nurture back to full health, across the hillsides of Languedoc and Roussillon. In 2013 he was joined by Ben Adams who tends to the 20 hectares of vines organically and biodynamically, the ultimate aim being to bring health to these poor, often high-schist content soils, allowing them to articulate their specific sites more clearly through the voices of final wines. Winemaking is traditional, labour intensive, and respectful. Nothing is done dogmatically, though often a small proportion of whole bunches often make it into the fermentation vat, bringing an added textural and aromatic dimension to the wines. The emphasis here is on the land, earth, spice, refinement and a near invisible use of old oak barrels to bring a little textural levity to the wines. We tasted a lot of Corbières en route to discovering these lovely wines - we think they speak of their origins in a most delightful way and we are thrilled to have them on board.