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Melon de Bourgogne

Melon de Bourgogne is found almost exclusively in the western parts of the Val de Loire, especially in the Maine-et-Loire areas surrounding the city of Nantes. The most highly regarded and densely concentrated plantings of Melon are found in the Muscadet Sevre-et-Main appellation. Recent decades post the 1970s have seen a resurgence in quality following a reduction in overall vineyard area and a more analytical approach to suitable site selection. In the past Melon’s naturally hardy personality; being generally well resistant to frost and cool temperatures, and relatively abundant yields, tempted producers to plant vineyards indiscriminately and on scale. Regarded as a generally neutral grape in terms of actual character, it nevertheless has a uniquely saline appeal in the better examples and pairs particularly well with oysters and seafood for this reason. Melon’s generally inexpressive fruit character lends itself well to extended ageing on the lees, producing Muscadets that combine crisp lemony fruit and salty savours with bread, yeast and brioche notes. This “leesy” character is generally encouraged, serving to soften acidity, add texture and impart a savoury complexity in the wines.