Domaine Feraud et Fils

Domaine Feraud et Fils was established in 1984 but only until recently, in 2012 when Yannick took hold of the production reins from his father Eddie, has the Domaine’s star started to rise. The raw materials are unquestionably there: Five hectares of prime old vines all in the Pointu and Rayas sectors planted predominantly with Grenache (85%), 10% Mourvèdre and the rest a mixture of other permitted co-planted varieties. And now the Domaine is starting to fully exploit such blessed vineyards. Rigour in the vines and simplicity in the cellar are the best ways of describing Yannick’s approach. The aim is to pick fully ripe fruit but when the berries are still fresh and intact, whilst the health of the bunches is paramount. For Yannick ferments with whole bunches, naturally, with no added yeast. The fermentation takes place in concrete tanks before élévage over two Springs in old oak tonneaux. Yannick’s hard work, know-how and passion have yielded wines of striking finesse and soul.
Colour Range:
Number of Wines:
2 wines
Price Range:
£290.00 - £310.00
Domaine Feraud et Fils