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Prima & Ultima

Prima & Ultima
The First and Last Bottlings of Exquisite and Elusive Single Malts

This third release of Prima & Ultima is a series of truly unique Scotch whiskies representing the almost lost, the historic, and the one-off. Hand-selected by Master Blender Dr Craig Wilson – this collection of eight rare and exceptional whiskies come from some of Scotland’s finest distilleries: Brora, Port Ellen, Lagavulin, The Singleton of Glen Ord, Talisker, Royal Lochnagar, Cragganmore, and Mannochmore. The Prima & Ultima collection offers a unique opportunity to build an expertly curated, inimitable liquid library.

Individual bottles from the Prima & Ultima range are now available, in limited quantities. If you would like to enquire about a full set of Prima & Ultima, please contact

The Great and the Good:
The Story of Scotland’s Rarest Whiskies Continues

Following the outstanding success of the first and second Prima & Ultima comes the hugely anticipated third release. This year Master Blender Dr Craig Wilson takes up the baton, following Master of Malts Maureen Robinson, after the inaugural selection was made by celebrated master blender Dr Jim Beveridge OBE.

Among the treasured casks of Scotch Whisky made and stored every year there is a small cohort that will rise to become remarkable. Their greatness emerges over time adding new stories into this growing narrative of Scotland’s rich liquid history.

Embodying the very best in Scotch, each whisky in the collection tells a tale of heritage and craftsmanship, so rare that their contents, and the moment they capture, risk being lost to the world forever. The series this year features the oldest ever release from Port Ellen; the a 1980 taken from two casks filled the year Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited the maltings. It is the last of this vintage. The casks for this release matured exclusively on Islay, overlaying the whisky with notes of brine and seaweed. Alongside this sit Brora 1981, considered the rarest publicly available whisky from the distillery; a single malt that shows a more fragrant, less peated side to the classic style.

The last Talisker casks from 1984 bring another maritime note to the collection, while two exploratory whiskies capture the spirit of innovation; a Royal Lochnagar from 1981, the result of an experiment to capture the angels’ share, and a Mannochmore from 1990, a whisky exposed to an unusual maturation process.

The oldest whisky in this year’s selection comes from the oldest casks of Cragganmore in the reserves, while a 28 year old Lagavulin 1993 celebrates the beginning of a golden era of awards for the celebrated Islay distillery.

The Singleton of Glen Ord finishes the line up with a dual claim to the Prima & Ultima title, being the first ever 1987 vintage release, taken from the last remaining casks of 1987.

Every whisky in this collection tells a story, capturing an essence of a time and era in liquid form, holding those moments in suspension until they are released out of darkness, bottled and brought to light.

Every set of Prima & Ultima includes the eight single vintage bottlings and is accompanied by 20ml tasting samples of each whisky and a booklet of Craig’s personal reflections.

The launch of Prima & Ultima is the most exciting release in the Whisky calendar. These extremely rare, limited-edition single malt bottlings are unrepeatable. With their unique histories and stories, each release takes you on a journey of flavour around Scotland. Where else would you be treated to the oldest release from the Ghost distillery of Port Ellen? From the two casks filled on the very same year that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited the Port Ellen Maltings on Islay, to the newly resurrected Brora distillery and the rarest publicly released whisky from this Highland classic distillery. This will be the ultimate Whisky Library, one to collect, covet but most importantly sip and savour!

Tod Bradbury - Head of Rare & Collectable Whiskies at Justerini & Brooks

The Liquid Library

Royal Lochnagar 1981, 40 Year Old

Royal Lochnagar 1981, 40 Year Old

ABV: 52.5%
Bottled: 06.12.21
Cask: Refill casks, refill American Oak Hogsheads
Number Bottled: 1,047 bottles
Balmoral, Royal Deeside

A tiny batch of Royal Lochnagar, part of a pioneering experiment to gain the angels’ share. When the experiment ended, a small amount of liquid was transferred into the present casks, to slumber peacefully until its fifth decade.

Royal Lochnagar 1981, 40 Year Old

A graceful, mature whisky of great freshness and vitality. Aromas of honeysuckle, rose and bramble leads to a smooth creamy and mouth-filling texture and a sweetly fruity overall taste with an intensely oak-spiced start; elegantly drying, with a surprisingly spicy finish.

Cragganmore 1973, 48 Year Old

Cragganmore 1973, 48 Year Old

ABV: 44.8%
Bottled: 06.12.21
Cask: 3 refill American Oak Hogsheads
Number Bottled: 351 bottles
Ballindalloch, Speyside

With complex aromas that include almond oil, this Cragganmore comes from the oldest casks, filled soon after the coal-heated stills turned to steam. This milestone in distilling gave birth to a new age in this craft.

£5,950.00 inc. VAT

Cragganmore 1973, 48 Year Old

A pathfinder for the smooth whiskies of the modern day. The nose shows even more complexity than is usual; at first it is almost vinous, with almond oil. Soon it suggests tropical fruits, such as papaya and ripe mango, an usually vibrant profile given its age. The taste is sweet then pleasantly tart, with a hint of caramelised orange, finishing dry, with vanilla fudge.

Mannochmore 1990, 31 Year Old

Mannochmore 1990, 31 Year Old

ABV: 45.1%
Bottled: 06.12.21
Cask: Refill cask, untreated virgin European Oak
Number Bottled: 317 bottles
Glenlossie, Speyside

A single small experimental batch of Mannochmore exposed to a highly unusual maturation. First housed in refill casks, then in unusual, highly active virgin European Oak for almost three decades has revealed a whole new character.

£870.00 inc. VAT

Mannochmore 1990, 31 Year Old

A unique and fascinating glimpse of what Mannochmore can be. Lean and smooth in texture, its powerful taste is striking. Dark orange marmalade and burnt demerara sugar cut with drying wood spice spirals down into endless layers of deep bittersweetness.

Brora 1981, 40 Year Old

Brora 1981, 40 Year Old

ABV: 44.1%
Bottled: 09.12.21
Cask: 1 refill American Oak Hogshead, 1 European Oak Sherry Butt
Number Bottled: 354 bottles
Brora, Highland

Unlike the Brora we know today, this European Oak Sherry butt shows us a different side of the Brora story. Filled at a time when less whisky was being made, it was often less peaty allowing new aromas and tastes to shine through.

£9,000.00 inc. VAT

Brora 1981, 40 Year Old

A last release of the ultra-rare 1981 Brora; true elegance found in restraint. Fragrant notes of scented candle wax dance with a whiff of smoke and blooming gorse and moorland flowers. The texture is smooth, mouth-filling and waxy and the rounded taste is sweet and lightly smoky, with a dash of salt mid-palate. Light smoke lingers in the long finish.

The Singleton of Glen Ord 1987, 34 Year Old

The Singleton of Glen Ord 1987, 34 Year Old

ABV: 49.4%
Bottled: 10.12.21
Cask: 5 refill American Oak Hogsheads
Number Bottled: 1,047 bottles
Glen Ord, Highlands

A first, and last, this is the first 1987 The Singleton of Glen Ord vintage and the only one ever to be released, from the last casks that remain. Slow crafting and patience were key to this rare bottling, taking time to reach its peak.

£1,070.00 inc. VAT

The Singleton of Glen Ord 1987, 34 Year Old

This is a lovely and elegant liquid with a fragrant nose and a creamy-smooth texture, its sweetly satisfying taste perfected by many years in cask. Deep in rich, fruity flavours softly spiced with hints of ginger, its balance is so elegant now. Despite its age, the wood is sympathetic to the character of Glen Ord, allowing its sense of place to shine through.

Lagavulin 1993, 28 Year Old

Lagavulin 1993, 28 Year Old

ABV: 50.1%
Bottled: 08.12.21
Cask: 1 Pedro Ximenez/Oloroso seasoned butt, 1 refill American Oak Hogsheads
Number Bottled: 642 bottles
Port Ellen, Isle of Islay

A prized Lagavulin, from the last two 1993 casks, filled in the year the distillery won the first of an many international awards. It was the start of a golden era, a success that owed much to an Islay legend, Manager Grant Carmichael.

Lagavulin 1993, 28 Year Old

A gloriously rich and rounded Lagavulin at its mature peak. On the nose a redcurrant fruitiness is soon overcome by maritime scents of sea-salt and sweet seaweed on a base of woodsmoke. Lightly oily, the smooth texture introduces a sweet and spicy taste, with a little salt then burnt liquorice, dark chocolate and much smokiness, which lingers in the long, mellow finish.

Talisker 1984, 37 Year Old

Talisker 1984, 37 Year Old

ABV: 51.9%
Bottled: 07.12.21
Cask: 3 refill American Oak Hogsheads, 1 ex-Sherry European Oak Butt
Number Bottled: 968 bottles
Carbost, Isle of Skye

The very last 1984 casks from Talisker were set aside and guarded for decades for their promising potential. Few knew of Talisker’s maritime character, but something special about these 1984 casks that peaked the distiller.

£3,200.00 inc. VAT

Talisker 1984, 37 Year Old

Skye in all its elemental glory, a smooth and muscular Talisker. The nose is immediate; mineral and lightly smoky with hints of chalk and salt, joined by notes of fine sand and seaweed drying on a hot day. A lightly oily texture introduces a sweet and rich start with a hit of pepper, the thunder rolls in with smoke and salt, and leaves with a mighty chilli kick.

Port Ellen 1980, 41 Year Old

Port Ellen 1980, 41 Year Old

ABV: 59.6%
Bottled: 07.12.21
Cask: 1 refill American Oak Hogshead, 1 ex-Sherry European Oak Butt
Number Bottled: 555 bottles
Port Ellen, Isle of Islay

This prized piece of history is the oldest Port Ellen ever to be released, filled in the year the Queen visited the Port Ellen maltings. It comes from the two very last casks of 1980 which lived all their days on Islay.

£9,550.00 inc. VAT

Port Ellen 1980, 41 Year Old

A malt of majestic quality, classic of Port Ellen, with a lightly drying nose that hints of brine and dry seaweed. The texture is rich and smooth and the flavour starts sweet, quickly seasoned with a shake of salt and pepper. It’s a perfect balance of sweet, salty, and smoky, with a long, lightly peaty finish.

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I hand selected whiskies that have never appeared in Prima & Ultima before. Each is an exceptional spirit marking both a special time in the distilleries’ history, and whiskies that I’ve had the privilege to watch mature. These Single Malts, and the stories they hold, weren’t meant to rest in obscurity. They were made to be shared.

Dr Craig Wilson, Master Blender

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