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Cask of Distinction Bottles

Any Cask of Distinction bottling is cause for celebration. Only the rarest, most exceptional whiskies are deemed worthy of inclusion in this exclusive programme and any bottle bearing the logo promises to offer up a glimpse of the very pinnacle of a distillery’s output.

Mere selection involves four Master Blenders dedicating over 4,000 hours every year to sourcing, tasting and evaluating liquid from the largest collection of maturing Scotch whisky in the world. A select few of these casks have been watched closely for years, continually assessed until they reveal a distinctive quality that sets them apart.

Justerini & Brooks is proud to offer a selection of Cask of Distinction bottles on behalf of our clients. These were all purchased from us and since bottling, have been stored in Cellarers.

Quantities are extremely limited. Please find a list and further information below. This is a rare opportunity to access some of the most exclusive and distinctive expressions from Diageo’s portfolio of distilleries.
Cask of Distinction

Discover Cask of Distinction

Four master blenders: Dr Craig Wilson, Dr Emma Walker, Maureen Robinson and Dr Jim Beveridge, all giants in their field, travel the four corners of Scotland to source liquid for the Casks of Distinction program. For a cask to be included, it must be quite exceptional, offering a unique and unparalleled experience to the taster. It’s fair to say that anything wearing the COD badge is the pinnacle of that distillery’s output, the best of the best.

“Only the rarest and most unique casks of single malts are selected for this exclusive programme, reflecting the quality, craft and expertise” concurs Walker.

The list of chosen casks might include an offering from revered ‘ghost’ distilleries such as collectors’ favourite Port Ellen and Brora, an extremely mature ghost grain distillery such as the mighty Cally or Cambus or an one that’s been in operation for over 200 years, such as Lagavulin.

For further details on the Cask of Distinction programme please email rarewhisky@justerinis.com.

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With over 270 years of experience and having brought to market one of the most iconic global whisky brands of the modern era in J&B Rare, Justerini & Brooks is proud to be able to offer access to some of the rarest and most collectible whiskies in the world.

Browse our list or alternatively get in touch if you cannot find what you are looking for. Our dedicated team of whisky specialists will almost certainly be able to find you that elusive bottle.


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