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Rhys Vineyards




Anderson Valley

Grape Variety:


Alpine Vineyard, Chardonnay, 2019

6x37.5cl £490.00

5 cases Equiv. £81.66 per bottle

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12x50cl £650.00

5 cases Equiv. £54.17 per bottle

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Tasting Note:

Smoke and crushed oyster shells, lemon balm, thyme. On the palate a calm entry that gains in energy and raciness as it crosses the palate. Textured and silky and with a touch more flesh and concentration than the 2018 alongside lovely momentum and concentration. Salty mineral and direct, this enters lithe and then fans out as it gains momentum. A slenderer attack than Horseshoe but plenty of finish – class but quietly delivered. Alpine’s soils are formed primarily of Purisma, a soft chalky shale that is around 8 million years younger than the soils found in Horseshoe, despite being a mere 300 metres away. The resulting wines often have a note of sea spray about them..

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