A cocktail of soil types at the foot of the Vosges

The ever-burgeoning number of exciting, top quality restaurants flocking to the region of Alsace demonstrates that food in this country is much more sophisticated than it used to be.

This has made matching wine with food a far more complicated and, consequently, more enjoyable conundrum than ever before. Whether it's infusing Vietnamese cooking with traditional French cuisine, or manipulating food science to create puddings that taste like breakfasts, there has never been so much fine and unique food on the menu and such an abundance of glorious wine to pair with it.

There are few regions in the world producing wines better suited to this diverse and extraordinary modern offering than those of the sun-blanched slopes of Alsace. They have the longest average hours of sunshine in France, a superb geological cocktail of soil types that are so vital in shaping the character of a wine, and the passionate, unwavering wine growing of producers such as Domaine Weinbach. When combined, these factors reflect the sheer quality and diversity of Alsatian wine. From Dry Riesling with pan-fried scallops, late-harvest Gewurztraminer with Munster cheese, or Pinot-Gris with guinea fowl, Alsatian wine can make unmissable partnerships with food and form an integral part of a memorable meal.

Alsace Wine List

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Alsacian Producers

Alsace is a region we have always held close to our hearts. Word of the quality of the wines coming out of the region is starting to spread and you can now find wines from producers like Weinbach and Trimbach on top tables across the country.

Appellations of Alsace

More about appreciation of specific Cuvées than bickering about classifications, Alsace has never really been an area too concerned with demarcation. The region does employ a Grand Cru classification system for higher quality wines but you can be sure to find excellence here wherever you turn.

Grape Varieties of Alsace

The grapes of Alsace famously lend themselves particularly well to the luxurious sweet wines produced in the area, but they make for excellent dry wines too.