Pinot Noir, Schlossberg, Grosses Gewächs
    Rudolf Fürst

    Pinot Noir, Schlossberg, Grosses Gewächs

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    Rudolf Fürst, Pinot Noir, Schlossberg, Grosses Gewächs, 2021

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    Rudolf Fürst, Pinot Noir, Schlossberg, Grosses Gewächs, 2021

    Of the three GGs, Schlossberg is generally the most open-hearted, accessible wine on release. True to form, the 2021 is multi-layered, inviting and ethereal in style, with a more polished quality of tannin, with ripe red fruits, cherries and a spicy core. This feels more mineral and stripped back than other recent vintages, with salt and earth and even a hint of thyme adding a savoury dimension on the finish. Fermented with a slightly reduced 65% whole clusters and aged in French barrique.



    Rudolf Fürst
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    Rudolf Fürst

    Rudolf Fürst

    The Furst family is said to have been involved in winemaking since the 17th century, during which time Spatburgunder vines have been a constant presence in Burgstadt. The sudden death of Rudolf Furst in 1975 saw his son Paul take over, a tenure that saw the estate’s holdings increase in size from 6 acres to almost 40, and now Paul’s son Sebastian is taking the reins. As an estate known primarily for its outstanding red wines (though the whites are also very good), its primary holdings are the Centrafenberg Vineyard in Burgstadter itself, a red standstone, moderately steep, due south facing vineyard from where they produce both Centgrafenberg Cuvess and the Hunsruck or Hounds Back, a slightly ridged portion of the vineyard that they refer to as the fillet of Centgrafenberg.

    The wines at Furst are some of the very finest, most elegant examples of Spatburgunder we’ve ever tasted. Through a combination of detailed manual vineyard work, some great vineyards, and the very lightest of touches in the winery, Paul and Sebastian are turning region’s reputation for somewhat rustic wines, on its head. Very often mistaken for Burgundy, albeit perhaps a little more texturally sleek, these are undoubtedly world class – and a must for any lover of Pinot Noir and Spatburgunder alike.

    The modern era at this estate, under Rudolf's son Paul and his son Sebastian has seen purchases of parcels of vines in the historic Centgrafenberg and incredibly steep Schlossberg vineyards, both famed for their pinot noir production. Every effort is taken it the vineyards to keep yields low, including the replanting 10 years ago of 2/3 of the Schlossberg vineyard with Fin and Tres Fin Burgundian clones. High density planting, green harvesting and intense canopy management are all ways in which the Fursts like to make the vines suffer, in an effort to have them produce even finer, more intense fruit, and purer, finer more sophisticated wines. It is a policy that undoubtedly works, as the ever increasingly high quality output from this superb estate attests to.

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