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Follin Arbelet




Corton Charlemagne

Grape Variety:


Corton Charlemagne, Grand Cru, 2019

3x1.5L £570.00

5 cases Equiv. £190.00 per bottle

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Tasting Note:

Picked on Friday 13th but there is nothing awry with this. Impressive, grand Corton Charlemagne. Statuesque and rich as you’d expect Corton to be, but what separates this from the rest of the pack is its persistent and vivid seam of freshness. The stylish, melt in the mouth, soft golden fruits are hemmed with the most beautiful ripe acidity. Flavours of mirabelle, peach, mandarin and honeysuckle flood the palate and are offset by complex savoury notes of stone and lightly roasted nut. True and unwavering through to a long finish. They have absolutely nailed this. Perfectly judged. Since 2016 this is now from a south facing parcel in Le Charlemagne, adjacent to his Corton Pinot vines. Very different from Follin's Cortons pre 2016 which came from more Pinot Noir orientated soils.

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