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Colour: Red
Producer: Raúl Pérez
Region: Spain & Portugal
Appellation: Bierzo
Grape Variety: Mencia

El Rapolao, La Vizcaina de Vinos, 2018

10 cases, 4 bottles
£18.33 per bottle
9 cases, 2 bottles
£38.33 per bottle

Tasting Note:

The cooler profile of the 2018 vintage is perhaps most obviously felt in El Rapolao, one of the undisputed "Grand Crus" in Valtuille de Abajo. The tannins have a linear, crisp feel to them and the fruit an edgy freshness that speaks of violet, blueberries, herbal hedgerow fruit and a leafy, brambly quality. Very long and persistent on the palate, gradually El Rapolao starts to display more of the ethereality that it is renowned for with time in the glass. At this stage, it comes across as the most intellectual of the four reds; one that is complex, flowing and energetic, but with a certain hidden poise and seriousness that will see it age beautifully. Always a standout, Raul believes it to be a truly special site, and as such, produces multiple El Rapolao bottlings, each with its own character, in order to emphasise the diversity and significance of the vineyard. A steep north to west exposed hill, the La Vizcaina El Rapolao bottling comes from two plots, one mid-slope and one in the lower part, together averaging 550m of elevation, and comprising a total of 1.5HA. The older parcel in the mid-slope was planted in the 1920s on hard clay and stony soils and the younger, lower plot in the 1980s on clay with more organic material in the topsoil. The blend meets salinity and perfume with silkiness and style. Whole bunch fermented in wood and kept on the skins for 30-45 days before 12 months aging in purely neutral 500L French casks.

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