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Raúl Pérez


Spain & Portugal



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Ultreia, Saint Jacques, 2017

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10 cases, 7 bottles

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Ultreia St Jacques is the entry level red in the Ultreia range and is a blend of vineyards from across the Bierzo region. Although the principal village is still Valtuille del Abajo, Raul’s ceaseless quest for new interesting sites has seen the blend expand and now includes (or is soon to) vineyards from Villafranca del Bierzo, Cacebellos, Corullon and Ponferrada, amongst others, encompassing a vast array of soil types, topographies, expositions and all. Recent expansion may give rise to new single vineyard bottlings, who knows, but what’s known for sure is that some truly magical parcels make their way in to what has to be one of the best value, most characterful wines in Spain. Stylish, composed and remarkably polished winter berries, violets and refreshing fresh raspberries lead in to dustings of carbon and nuanced saline, rocky notes – everything you want from Bierzo. Predominantly Mencia but in reality a field blend of local indigenous varieties. Harvest in Bierzo can last for up to six weeks from the beginning of September, according to the terroir, and St Jacques (named after the Camino de Santiago, aka Chemin de Saint Jacques) is evidence of Raul Perez’s extraordinary vision and understanding of Bierzo’s complex terroirs.

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