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Special Releases

2019 Special Releases

What makes a Special Whisky Special? Rarity and scarcity certainly, but most of all it is excellent taste and quality.

Justerini & Brooks is proud to bring you this year’s Special Releases; a limited annual selection of impeccably crafted, rare and precious natural cask strength Scotch Whiskies from a range of distilleries, each one introducing a world of flavour, rarity and desire that goes beyond the everyday.

Chosen with immense care by some of the world’s finest whisky craftsmen and women, the Special Releases include small offerings of fabled closed distilleries, supreme examples of less well-known names and unusual expressions of more familiar whiskies. These impeccably crafted distillery discoveries are drawn directly from the casks for blending and bottling. Nothing is chill-filtered, no colours are adjusted and alcohol levels are as they were in the casks and hogsheads these whiskies have been drawn from. What remains is the purest evidence of that distillery’s craft, bottled and released in tiny batches of real interest, rarity and collectability.

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With over 270 years of experience and having brought to market one of the most iconic global whisky brands of the modern era – J&B Rare – Justerini & Brooks is proud to be able to offer access to some of the rarest and most collectible whiskies in the world. Browse our list or alternatively get in touch if you cannot find what you are looking for, our dedicated team of whisky specialists will almost certainly be able to find you that elusive bottle.

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