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Colour: Red
Producer: Paul Jaboulet Ainé
Region: Rhône
Appellation: Côte Rôtie
Grape Variety: Syrah

Côte Rôtie, Les Pierrelles, 2020

Tasting Note:

"The warmer weather conditions in 2020 have augmented the pepper and spice in this wine more so than the fruit. This means there is an unusual thicket of savouriness that sits in the top of this glass and you have to scratch your way through it to find the wine underneath. When you do, it is delicious, and yet this battle recommences every time you take another sip! This is hilarious fun and somewhat Sisyphean, but in an entirely pleasurable way. There is some tannin here, but I think it is needed to balance the fruit and spice, and this is why I would rather you started to drink it earlier in its life than perhaps might be expected". 18/20 (Drink 2024 – 2032) - Matthew Jukes

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