Oestricher Doosberg, Alte Reben, Trocken

Oestricher Doosberg, Alte Reben, Trocken,



Spreitzer, Oestricher Doosberg, Alte Reben, Trocken, 2011

Justerini & Brooks Tasting note
Spreitzer, Oestricher Doosberg, Alte Reben, Trocken, 2011

Rounded and plump with sufficient tension to make this very moreish. Refined, long echoing flavours of citrus butter and greengage, crystal clear and bone dry on the finish. For Andreas Spreitzer the main challenge in 2011 was holding one's nerve and waiting. Despite a difficult summer and wet start to pre harvest, when rot started to take hold, the weather turned and October was "golden" according to Andreas, who continued "it was important to wait and get the benefit of this fine weather and not pick until the grapes were properly ripe. " Whilst 2011 was a warm vintage here Andreas thinks that compared to the last 20 years, 2011 was only slightly above average in terms of heat. The result is very fruity, alluring and seductive Riesling.

David Schildknecht, Vinous
Peach and Persian melon are mingled on the nose and polished palate with pungently bittersweet, positively vegetable suggestions of carrot, parsnip and fennel. A chewy tartness of peach skin and sizzling impingement of radish, along with saline and chalky inflections, lend invigorating and complex counterpoint to the wine’s textural polish and luscious fruitiness. The vibrantly-sustained finish is amazingly wafting for a wine of nearly 12.5% alcohol. Here’s one of those where every time you return to the glass you catch some delightful or intriguing new nuance. And I’ll be surprised if it isn’t also the longest-lived of Spreitzers’ dry vintage 2016 Rieslings. Technically, this “should” be bottled as Grosses Gewächs, but the Spreitzers are mindful of market realities and they already have three well-established Grosses Gewächs bottlings in their portfolio. So in this instance, we consumers benefit from an underpriced gem. (Spreitzers’ Doosberg has not overachieved this way in other recent vintages.)
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A magnificent 17 ha estate at Oestrich in the widest part of the Rhine, where sun reflection and humidity are so important. The Spreitzer brothers are a young team that in the last few years has elevated this into one of the Rheingau's great estates. Depending on the wine and the vintage a mixture of wood or steel is used and wild or cultured yeast. Usually the dry wines are fermented in oak and the fruity wines in steel. The main vineyard holdings are the loam and loess soils of the Lenchen and the quartz based Doosberg. The Spreitzer brothers are very active in the vineyard, reducing yield by pruning and green harvesting, and deleafing where necessary to aerate the vines. Hand picking is vitally important here as they do lots of whole cluster pressing. In the cellar there is no pumping of the wines, its all done by gravity. There is usually no fining but a light filtration. Spreitzer make wines that betray full, rich Rheingau characteristics with an almost Mosel precision and energy. A star Estate by any standards.

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