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Colour: Red
Producer: Giuseppe Mascarello
Region: Italy
Appellation: Barolo
Grape Variety: Nebbiolo

Barolo, Riserva, Ca d'Morissio, 2014

Tasting Note:

Ca d’Morissio is a massale selection of 100 year old Nebbiolo Michet vines, a clone known for the dark concentrated style of wines it results in. This clone was planted in the Monprivato vineyard in 1989. In selected years the fruit of the Michet vines is separated out after fermentation and aged for 60 months in large cask, this then becomes the Riserva Ca’Morissio. 2014 was a classic, cool vintage which was saved by an Indian summer. Super-smart and sleek with a extra kick of spice and minerality; a fine salinity married to forest fruits, plum and strawberries. A wine of great intensity that never feels heavy thanks to wiry, sinewy tannins and great freshness. Ca d’Morissio spends over five years in large cask and can truly be considered one of Italy’s finest wines.

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